Hopefully you're not here looking for anything all that exciting
unless you really want to know a little bit more about me.

About Me

I live in Greenwood, Indiana and lived around Indy for my whole life. I live with my wife, Danielle, and our son, Graham. Around here, there is never a dull moment. I've worked at a number of places but have spent the last several years at Docker. In the workplace, all I ever really want is to work with smart, awesome, and passionate people; anything else is a bonus. I've always been interested in technology, science, and love to tinker.

I'm a little bit of everywhere when it comes to social media but don't necessarily spend much time on any one in particular. My thoughts shared on social media are my own and not those of my employer. When I'm not traveling for work, I love to play PC games, enjoy many sports, and relaxing with my family.


I'm not a programmer or web designer; never have been and probably never will be. I've spent most of my career focused on the operations side of things but I'm always interested in any sort of computer related technology. Docker is what most of my projects are focused on these days. As you can see from my GitHub repo list, I have many that are jst apps which I have Dockerized. There is something that I find fun about and challenging about putting anything in a Docker container. You might be able to see that I've been all over the board from my past blog posts.

The biggest exception to that rule is that I love to write tools in bash. To me, bash feels natural because of how I can easily read it and it just makes sense. One of my favorite projects is docker-in-docker just because of how powerful it can be to run many Docker engines inside one. It's so much faster than spinning up VMs and uses such a small footprint resource wise. It's great for prototyping and testing on a system with limited resources.


I still keep my blog up but I haven't added any content in quite some time as I am simply too busy with work. It's not that I do not want to blog but it's purpose was to write up things where I had difficulty finding online resources. There wasn't really a point to writing up things that you could easily Google. If I end up writing anything for a blog, it is typically work related on blog.docker.com anyway. You'll probably find the few interesting things I am working on by checking out my GitHub.