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this site is something that i originally came up with a long time ago because of a lack of image hosting for people around the different forums i read. after learning how hosting my own site worked, i went ahead and purchased a domain name before the web squatters came around and took up every decent domain name. recently, this site has become an extension of me just playing around with various technologies to become more familiar with them. besides that, this site is just here for my own amusement. i occasionally blog about my daily experiences with tech stuff and other random projects i have going on but it mostly serves as notes for things i've done previously in case i forget what i was doing.


i previously offered services for friends and forum members but with the services that are available online for free, there really isn't a need anymore. here is where you can find similar services for free:

  • web hosting/shell accounts - i'd suggest checking out the aws free tier which is good for 12 months of free services. not only do to get a fantastic provider but you also get the opportunity to utilize more than just a free host and learn more about what all amazon offers. digitalocean is also another good choice at a decent price.
  • utilities - i have a few utilites available for public use (see above in the utilities menu) such as a dig lookup, whois lookup, curl tool, csr viewer, ssl check, debian package search, and debian man pages. my 30 day file upload utility is limited by username/password so if you'd like to use that, contact me. also, if you would like the source for any of those tools, just let me know and i would be happy to share. i would suggest using imgur for images.


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