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this site is something that i originally came up with a long time ago because of a lack of image hosting for people around the different forums i read. after learning how hosting my own site worked, i went ahead and purchased a domain name before the web squatters came around and took up every decent domain name. recently, this site has become an extension of me just playing around with various technologies to become more familiar with them. besides that, this site is just here for my own amusement. most recently, i have added a blog about my daily experiences with tech stuff and other random projects i have going on. i try to post things as i work through projects but sometimes i have to deal with other priorities (i.e. - real life).

in my free time, i spend a fair amount of time over at overclockers.com where i am a forum administrator. if you haven't been there, you might want to stop by. it's an excellent source for overclocking info as well as general computer knowledge. i also work on a debian based live distro called overclockix which is mostly worked on by myself but other members of the community at overclockers.com contribute as they can.

service offerings

i previously offered services for friends and forum members but with the services that are available online for free, there really isn't a need anymore. here is where you can find similar services for free:

  • shell accounts - chunkhost offers a free VPS "chunk" where you can run and install whatever software you wish. it looks like chunkhost no longer offers the free chunks anymore. they do, however, still offer a free 14 day trial if you are thinking about getting a VPS. if i know you and you just want a basic shell account for something like irc, just let me know.
  • web hosting - hosting of basic images can be accomodated by imgur. if you need hosting of other content, it would be a great learning experience to use a chunk from chunkhost to run your own linux based server.


i have a number of utilites available (see above in the utilities menu) such as a dig lookup, whois lookup, and debian package search. my 30 day file upload utility is limited by username/password so if you'd like to use that, contact me. also, if you would like the source for any of those tools, just let me know and i would be happy to share. i would suggest using imgur for images.


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